At OCDC we believe that the families we serve deserve a voice in our agency’s management. That’s why we invite parents to serve on our Board of Directors and on leadership committees called Policy Councils. Contact your local OCDC center to get involved.

1. Executive Leadership

Donalda Dodson, Executive Director: donalda.dodson@ocdc.net
Don Horseman, Director of Financial Services: donald.horseman@ocdc.net
Brian Schmedinghoff, Director of Resource Development: brian.schmedinghoff@ocdc.net
Walter Kalinowski, Director of Human Resources: walter.kalinowski@ocdc.net
Jose “Juan” Escobar, Director of Quality Assurance: jose.escobar@ocdc.net

2. Board of Directors

Christyn Dundorf, Board Chair, Multnomah County
Juan C. Preciado, Vice Chair, Jefferson County
Shari L. Lane, Attorney at Law Multnomah County
Stephen Petruzelli, Board Member, Washington County
Daniel Quiñones, Board Member, Marion County
Patricia Cuevas, Member at Large, Malheur County
Claudia Limon, MSEHS PC Rep, Umatilla County
Marta Hanna, Alternate MSEHS PC Rep, Malheur County
Estomina Made, OPK PC Rep, Multnomah County
Diana Lopez, Alternate OPK PC Rep, Multnomah County

3. Policy Councils

Policy Councils share responsibility for overseeing the delivery of high quality services to children and families in accordance with Head Start regulations. Policy Councils provide parents and other community representatives with the authority and opportunity to participate in shared decision-making concerning program design and implementation.


Huber Sandoval, President
Juana Juarez, Vice-President
Maria Morales, Secretary
Ruth Lopez, Treasury
Celina Alvarado, Sergeant at Arms
Brigida Lopez, Marion
Claudia Limon, Umatilla
Marta Hanna, Malheur
Rosalba Rosales, Clackamas
Ruth Lopez, Jefferson
Trinidad Martinez, Clackamas


Rebecca Chavolla, President
Monica Vasquez, Vice-President
Megan Carpenter, Secretary
Rosalva Vazquez, Treasury
Juan Alvarado, Sergeant at Arms
Diana Lopez, Washington
Eduardo Reyes, Marion
Estomina Made, Multnomah
Idalia Ramos, Marion
Lisa Palacios, Jackson
Maria Guerrero, Malheur
Mary Strock, SOU

Parent Leadership Committee

Kay Ortega, Klamath Falls
Victor Chonteco, Community Rep
Cassandra Gunter, Jackson
Juan Preciado, Jefferson