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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 19, 2022

Roll Call 9:05 AM – Quorum established. 

Juan Preciado, Board Co-Chair, proceeded to call the meeting to order. 

Members present, Juan Preciado, Board Co-Chair; Patricia Cuevas, Matthew Colley, Anna Lee, Steve Petruzelli, Dan Quinones, Ingrid Anderson and Maria G. Diaz

OCDC staff – Donalda Dodson, Executive Director; Karelia Harding, Parent & Engagement Equity Manager; Herberd Duran, Employee Relations Manager; Martha Molitor, Senior Translator/Interpreter and Tisa Bithell, Operations & Quality Assurance Coordinator

  1. Mission Moment: 

Donalda shared a story about a child in one of OCDC centers that some problematic acting out behavior. The staff have been consistent in efforts to help the child even though the behavior has been intense. Even parents that are concerned were supportive of helping child. There is a safety plan in place. Due to parent concern the State Certifier, made a visit to see what was in place.

Ingrid says thanks to all the teachers for all they do.

  1. Equity Training: 

Karelia did a one hour and 40 minutes presentation, including two videos and two group activities followed up with a group discussion. The following topics reviewed:

  1. Micro aggressions: Our complicated daily interactions in life!
  • microassult
  • micro insult
  • micro invalidation
  1. Responding as a recipient of micro aggression
  • Responding as a bystander
  • Responding as a perpetrator 
  1. HR Updates

Herberd gave three updates; Quarterly updates on any complaints about managers:

  • Oct. 2021, possible retaliation complaint against a manger. Employee was on protected leave, miscommunication. Issue resolved
  • Nov. 2021, complainant involving interactions. We were in process of establishing retraining program when employee decided to resign.

Donalda states that OCDC is still waiting for the official investigation report on the above situation. She will follow-up with attorney.

  • Feb. 2022, complaint of discrimination of pay equity, based on age. Currently investigating the case. 

Anna ask, what is the update of the legal question

Donalda says it is still open.

BOD goes in Executive Session.

BOD returns from Executive Session.

 COVID Policy Update: Donalda gives update on Policy as it now reflects new mask mandate and quarantine regulations. Asks for BOD approval of change.

Motion: Juan Preciado called for a motion to approve the COVID update policy change Ingrid Anderson made the motion and Matt Colley seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously 

  1. Strategic Planning

Donalda asked the BOD to look at the two handouts that would be part of the Strategic Plan. She informed the BOD goal is to do this in an organizational approach and would like the BOD engaged and provide feedback on items such as.

  • Goals and objectives
  • What to keep, what not to keep
  • Are Goals still good
  • Are we doing what we should
  • Are the objectives different 
  • Challenges we are facing
  • Population change, seasonal and non- seasonal
  • Look at data, trends
  • BOD to set the stage 

Ingrid suggested if BOD look at the documents OCDC has already completed, e.g. school readiness, self-assessment and community assessment.

Anna asks, what do we do as “Team” to get this done, more how than what do. Would like to hear from staff. 

Donalda says good idea, and recognize COVID is still as issue.

Steve says, evolution, our perspective. Risk analysis over 2-3 years .

Matt asks what and how go together. Preparing for the when? What if? We should learn something. Emergency plan in place?

Donalda says OCDC does have a Quality Plan in place.

  1. Wellness Initiative Update

Donalda gave an update on “Project Wellness Partnership Group” there was a handout given.

  • 50 % of the survey has been completed
  • OCDC has offered “stress breaks” to staff (as staffing allows)
  • Monday notes are sent out every week includes Wellness information
  • Free financial counseling is being offered to employees (30 days) via EAP
  • Each county had a wellness day with treats given out (March 4)

Key issues revealed: 

  • Staff showing great deal of anxiety (themselves and family members)
  • Staff struggled with paying bills and child care
  • ½ of the staff indicate they do not feel emotionally and personally supported at work
  • Significant number of staff feel discrimination in everyday lives, including at work
  • Staff have fear of deportation

Discussion on Wellness:

Ingrid says, that research she has seen shows: cultural response, self-care, reflection supervision and home visiting helpful.

Donalda says she wants integration of solution into practice.

Anna asks, can EAP offer legal support in regards to immigration?

Donalda says, yes if we pay them. OCDC is working on reflection supervision, motivational interviewing, and coaching. In addition, looking at impact of COVID on staff through the survey.

Ingrid says if you open that door then you have to address the issues that come up.

Donalda noted the survey includes individual interviews by the researcher, they completed 17 personal interviews (bi-lingual), and we are waiting to collect that data and should have that for BOD in the future. 

Ingrid says that there is a burnout in the ECE field, and how to maintain self-care is now a requirement.

Donalda asks what can we do to help staff with self-care, but not place the burden of self -care only on them.

Anna says to integrate into “Strategic Plan”, which Donalda supported.

  1. Executive Report 
  • Feds passed budget, with 2.3%, COLA and OCDC gave retention funds prior to this
  • Monies for Trauma Informed Care are in the federal budget, no details out to grantees as of yet.
  • The State passed legislation that will allow funds for OPK and P-3
  • In-door mask mandate is lifted for Oregon, but not for Head Start
  • OCDC administration working on criteria for remote work
  • OCDC is looking to request locally designed option for R12 service as it mirrors the Migrant & Seasonal program.
  • The request for OPK- P-3 retention funds might be included in initiative for service enhancement.
  1. Approval of minutes from February 26, 2022

Motion: Juan Preciado called for a motion to approve the minutes from February 26, 2022. Steve Petruzelli made the motion and Anna Lee seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Motion: Juan Preciado called for a motion Adjourn the meeting. Matt Colley made the motion and Patricia Cuevas seconded the motion. All those in favor say aye. Meeting adjourned.

1:25 PM Executive Session

Next Board of Directors Meeting April 23, 2022 (location TBD)